Host Dates and Club Information

  • Note: This form will not be considered unless the required number of host dates and a rain date have been identified.

  • Host Date Requirements

  • The required number of host dates is based on the number of teams submitted. You must select at least one date in April and one date in May. Only two dates can be selected in one week.

    One Team: 3 Dates
    Two Teams: 4 Dates

    Mark the dates in order of preference (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

    The 2021 date choices are:

    • Monday 4/18, Tuesday 4/19, Wednesday 4/20, Thursday 4/21,
    • Monday 4/25, Tuesday 4/26, Wednesday 4/27, Thursday 4/28,
    • Monday 5/9, Tuesday 5/10, Wednesday 5/11, Thursday 5/12,
    • Monday 5/16, Tuesday 5/17, Wednesday 5/18, Thursday 5/19,
    • Monday 5/23, Tuesday 5/24, Wednesday 5/25, Thursday 5/26.
  • Rain Date Selection

  • Hosting Preference

    Some clubs prefer to host all matches on one day while others prefer separate dates. Please mark your preference below:
  • Start Time Method

    Start times cannot begin before 8:30am. Select preferred method and indicate start time below:
  • Cart and Caddy Costs

    List the cost of a cart. If a caddy is required, list the cost and method of payment below: