Electronic Device Policy

The WDCGA allows electronic phone apps and other electronic devices during WDCGA tournaments; but they must adhere to the following guidelines. Course maps are allowed. Greens maps are allowed, provided they adhere to the clarification to Rule 4.3a which states that electronic putting green maps must still meet the 3/8 inch to 5 yards or smaller scale limit when the green map will be used to help read the line of play on a green. Features that give the player a distinct advantage over the competition such as a recommended line of play on the putting green based on the location of the player’s ball (e.g. Putt Line) or recommending a club to hit based on location are not allowed and must be disabled.

This policy is in keeping with the USGA Rules philosophy that golf is a game of individual skill based on the players ability to both think and execute during the round. It is incumbent on the player using the device to ensure that such features are not available (disabled) and not used. The penalty for the first violation of this policy is the general penalty (2 strokes), subsequent violations result in disqualification.