WDCGA Spectator Policy

The overarching goal of the WDCGA spectator policy is to ensure that there is no conduct detrimental to the integrity of the game of golf.  Spectators who repeatedly violate the spectator policy or who are abusive to players, WDCGA officials, club staff or other spectators may be suspended from attending future events and/or the player may be disqualified from the future event(s).  Players should report a violation(s) of the Spectator Policy to either the Tournament Chair or a member of the WDCGA Rules Committee.  If a violation of the following rules occurs, the Tournament Chair or WDCGA Rules Committee is responsible for seeing that the rules are enforced by notifying the player of the Spectator Policy.  If subsequent rule violations for the same player occur at the current tournament or future tournaments, the Tournament Chair/WDCGA Rules Committee will refer the matter to the WDCGA Board for disciplinary action.

The Spectator Policy rules are as follows:

  • All spectators must dress in appropriate golf attire. Denim, T-shirts, tank tops, short-shorts and other overly casual clothing should not be worn.
  • Spectators attend WDCGA events at their own risk.
  • Talking on cell phones is not permitted on the golf course. Please silence all cell phones at WDCGA events. Texting is permitted.
  • WDCGA does not allow spectator carts, except if the spectator has a permanent handicap placard. The spectators with a handicap must present their placards to tournament officials before getting a golf cart.  Spectators are not allowed to ride in players’ golf carts.
  • Spectators should not communicate with players during the round.
  • Spectators must stay on cart paths or in the rough and off fairways, greens, and tees.
  • Spectators must remain quiet while all players are playing.
  • Spectators should remain one shot ahead of the group they are following.
  • WDCGA Rules officials must be the only individuals who give rulings to players.
  • Spectators are allowed to carry medicine, food, drinks, umbrellas, etc.
  • For safety concerns, WDCGA asks the spectators to exercise caution at all times. WDCGA will suspend play by sounding air horns when inclement weather moves into the area. Accordingly, the spectators should seek shelter immediately.