Tournament Results 2018

The Verell Past President’s Cup (July 10, 2018)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross
1st OverallMary CabrieleCountry Club of FairfaxDeborah WilliamsCongressional Country Club71
Flight 1 WinnerJoan GardnerMount Vernon Country ClubSusan PodolskyMount Vernon Country Club73
Flight 1 2nd PlaceKay TylerKenwood Golf & Country ClubAllisyn TerryRiver Creek Club73
Flight 1 3rd PlaceStef HerndonArgyle Country ClubLisa SchlesingerNorbeck Country Club73
Flight 1 4thPlaceLori MarsengillWestwood Country ClubDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country Club74
Flight 2 WinnerJackie LutzWestwood Country ClubLinda TuckerWestwood Country Club72
Flight 2 2nd PlaceTeena LeeMontgomery Country ClubJuanita TryonMontgomery Country Club73
Flight 2 3rd PlaceLinda PeckWashington Golf & Country ClubSarah Trott de SeveWashington Golf & Country Club78
Flight 2 4th PlaceLynda KayTrump National Golf ClubDeborah WilsonTrump National Golf Club78
Flight 3 WinnerAnn LeeMontgomery Country ClubAngie YooMontgomery Country Club77
Flight 3 2nd PlaceHelen CoxBelle Haven Country ClubDiane HynesBelle Haven Country Club79
Flight 3 3rd PlaceLisa CroteauArmy Navy Country ClubLaurie BravoArmy Navy Country Club82
Flight 3 4th PlaceCandy ClaryMount Vernon Country ClubChristina GwilliamArmy Navy Country Club83
Flight 4 WinnerSung KimMontgomery Country ClubHalle SeungMontgomery Country Club82
Flight 4 2nd PlaceDeb DawsonArmy Navy Country ClubAmy HawkinsArmy Navy Country Club83
Flight 4 3rd PlaceJessie LahrMount Vernon Country ClubLee WamplerArmy Navy Country Club83
Flight 4 4th PlaceJan AlbersArmy Navy Country ClubKate MartinsArmy Navy Country Club85
Flight 5 WinnerPam QuinnArmy Navy Country ClubSusan WalthallArmy Navy Country Club84
Flight 5 2nd PlaceShara FordyceArmy Navy Country ClubBeth FosterArmy Navy Country Club85
Flight 4 3rd PlaceKaren McGeeCountry Club of FairfaxAlisa RomeroCountry Club of Fairfax85
Flight 5 4th PlaceLori FarroSpringfield Golf & Country ClubElaine BlockSpringfield Golf & Country Club86

Brady Cup, Class B (June 28, 2018)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossAngie Yoo Montgomery Country Club8467
Low NetSung Kim Montgomery Country Club8771
2nd GrossLisa Moore Army Navy Country Club8975
2nd NetAnn Lee Montgomery Country Club9376
3rd GrossAimee Harwick Chantilly National Golf & Country Club9179

Linda Tucker Cup, Class A (June 28, 2018)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossLisa SchlesingerNorbeck Country Club  7476
Low NetJane CurtinArgyle Country Club  7570
2nd GrossMimi HoffmanBelle Haven Country Club  7573
2nd NetJudi EnrightArmy Navy Country Club  7870
3rd GrossMaggie BradyCongressional Country Club  7770
3rd NetBeth EnnisNorbeck Country Club  8174
4th GrossShelley SavageArmy Navy Country Club  8176
4th NetDiane HerndonArgyle Country Club  8275
5th GrossKristin ShifflettMontgomery Country Club  8177

Bennett Pinehurst (June 18, 2018)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetCheryl DalyArmy Navy Country ClubAmy HawkinsArmy Navy Country Club8663
Low GrossShelley SavageArmy Navy Country ClubLinda DiVallMount Vernon Country Club7268
2nd NetSung KimMontgomery Country ClubAnn LeeMontgomery Country Club8063
2nd GrossCarol DaviesArgyle Country ClubArline HoffmanWashington Golf & Country Club7267
3rd NetPam QuinnArmy Navy Country ClubSusan WalthallArmy Navy Country Club8564
3rd GrossBev LaneCongressional Country ClubDeborah WilliamsCongressional Country Club7371
4th NetPat KaufmanMount Vernon Country ClubPam OetgenBelle Haven Country Club8364
4th GrossJackie LutzWestwood Country ClubLori Wood-MarsengillWestwood Country Club7366
5th NetMaile FriesArmy Navy Country ClubIris SullivanArmy Navy Country Club7765
5th GrossStefanie HerndonArgyle Country ClubDiane HerndonArgyle Country Club7471
6th NetGerry StanleyChantilly National Golf & Country ClubAimee HarwickChantilly National Golf & Country Club7665
7th NetKathleen LubinRiver Bend Golf & Country ClubDidi ParkerRiver Bend Golf & Country Club7965
8th NetDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country ClubSusan MunozRiver Creek Club7466
9th NetJae Soon SongArmy Navy Country ClubLorraine HixonArmy Navy Country Club8966

Cathey Cup, Class C (June 13, 2018)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossLaurie BravoArmy Navy Country Club  8362
Low NetKate MartinsArmy Navy Country Club  8365
2nd GrossPat KaufmanMount Vernon Country Club  8568
2nd NetNancy SackArmy Navy Country Club  8565
3rd GrossBeth FosterArmy Navy Country Club  8566
3rd NetMarilee JohnsonArmy Navy Country Club  8666
4th GrossPameal QuinnArmy Navy Country Club  8869

Helen Goldstein Cup, Class D (June 13, 2018)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossCheryl DalyArmy Navy Country Club  8259
Low NetJae Soon SongArmy Navy Country Club  8461
2nd GrossEllen HaffaArmy Navy Country Club  8562
2nd NetMary Ann CroninArmy Navy Country Club  9168
3rd GrossBeckie OwenArmy Navy Country Club  9471
3rd NetLorraine HixonArmy Navy Country Club  9471
4th GrossCarol MyersArmy Navy Country Club  9472
4th NetAmy HawkinsArmy Navy Country Club  9573

Houlahan Cup (May 11, 2018)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
1st OverallSung KimMontgomery Country Club  85
2nd OverallPat KaufmanMount Vernon Country Club  88
3rd OverallKate MartinsArmy Navy Country Club  88
Flight 1 WinnerJulie RakesMount Vernon Country Club  89
Flight 1 Runner-UpSun cha KimMontgomery Country Club  91
Flight 2 WinnerPam OetgenBelle Haven Country Club  89
Flight 2 Runner-UpKaren McgeeCountry Club of Fairfax  90
Flight 3 WinnerCarolyn ClewellKenwood Golf & Country Club  90
Flight 3 Runner-UpJune YunTrump National Golf Club  94
Flight 4 WinnerJae Soon SongArmy Navy Country Club  90
Flight 4 Runner-UpPatti DavidsonMount Vernon Country Club  92
Flight 5 WinnerBetsy CarterSpringfield Golf & Country Club  94
Flight 5 Runner-UpDottie BennettInternational Country Club  96

Keefer Cup (May 2 - 3, 2018)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossMary CabrieleCountry Club of Fairfax  146
Low NetJill BensonWoodmont Country Club  142
2nd GrossDeborah WilliamsCongressional Country Club  154
2nd NetJackie LutzWestwood Country Club  144
3rd GrossCarol DaviesArgyle Country Club  158
3rd NetBailey ScheurerChevy Chase Club  145
4th GrossShelley SavageArmy Navy Country Club  158
4th NetMina CoggeshallChevy Chase Club  150
5th GrossKristin ShifflettMontgomery Country Club  159
5th NetPam MurrayWashington Golf & Country Club  151

Nancy Davies Memorial Ice Breaker (April 28, 2018)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetJennifer KitchenTPC Potomac at Avenel Farm  74
Low GrossMimi HoffmanBelle Haven Country Club  77
2nd NetKathleen LubinRiver Bend Golf & Country Club  76
2nd GrossBeth EnnisNorbeck Country Club  87
3rd NetDominique BanvilleChantilly National Golf & Country Club  77
3rd GrossJudi EnrightArmy Navy Country Club  88
4th NetShirley KushnerNorbeck Country Club  78
4th GrossChristine BechtelNorbeck Country Club  90
5th NetSheila BrennanChantilly National Golf & Country Club  79
5th GrossJill BensonWoodmont Country Club  79