Tournament Results 2020

Tony Marlowe (October 12, 2020)

Morning results are listed first followed by afternoon results.


Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetSung KimMontgomery Country ClubAngie YooMontgomery Country Club7965
Low GrossJane CurtinArgyle Country ClubKelly AtheyArgyle Country Club7268
2nd NetJoan GardnerMount Vernon Country ClubKatie CoxMount Vernon Country Club7468
2nd GrossMimi HoffmanBelle Haven Country ClubKay TylerBelle Haven Country Club7570
3rd NetAnnie BallantineInternational Country ClubDottie BennettInternational Country Club9268
3rd GrossMinahil ChoudryTPC Potomac at Avenel FarmJennifer KitchenTPC Potomac at Avenel Farm7871
4th NetHilary FordwichCongressional Country ClubSusan SmithCongressional Country Club8669
4th GrossMaria KirbyBelle Haven Country ClubMary YarbroughBelle Haven Country Club7974
Low NetDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country ClubJackie LutzWestwood Country Club7668
Low GrossSusan AronoffWoodmont Country ClubJill BensonWoodmont Country Club8476
2nd NetTota ConwellCountry Club of FairfaxLaurie SteinCountry Club of Fairfax9671
2nd GrossMaggie BradyCongressional Country ClubDeborah KleinCongressional Country Club8678
3rd NetCarol MillsArmy Navy Country ClubIris SullivanArmy Navy Country Club9171
3rd GrossCandy ClaryMount Vernon Country ClubChristina GwilliamArmy Navy Country Club8873
4th NetNiki BennettBelle Haven Country ClubHelen CoxBelle Haven Country Club9073

Tony Marlowe (October 12, 2020)

Morning results are listed first followed by afternoon results.




President’s Plate (October 6, 2020)

The format was Stableford.

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetJane CurtinArgyle Country Club  3741
Low GrossDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country Club  3236
2nd NetDottie BennettInternational Country Club  1737
2nd GrossJoan GardnerMount Vernon Country Club  3132
3rd NetKaren McGeeCountry Club of Fairfax  2336
3rd GrossJill BensonWoodmont Country Club  2934
4th NetMary Ann CroninArmy Navy Country Club  1534
4th GrossTatjana KueperWoodmont Country Club  2330
5th NetLisa MooreArmy Navy Country Club  2132
6th NetFiona WilliamsNorbeck Country Club  1629

WDCGA Senior Championship (September 29 - 30, 2020)

Congratulations to the Holes in One!  All on Tuesday!  Lucy Chun, Helen Cox, Andi Carpenter

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Senior ChampionShelley SavageArmy Navy Country Club  154148
2nd OverallAllisyn TerryRiver Creek Club  155145
Super SeniorJoan GardnerMount Vernon Country Club  154146
Low Gross 60-69Shelley SavageArmy Navy Country Club  154148
Low Gross 70-79Maggie BradyCongressional Country Club  168156
Low Gross 80 & UpSandy RittsTrump National Golf Club  218172
1st Flight, WinnerMary Cabriele Country Club of Fairfax  161155
1st Flight, 1st NetDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country Club  162150
1st Flight, 2nd Low GrossJane CurtinArgyle Country Club  164152
2nd Flight WinnerSung KimMontgomery Country Club  168144
2nd Flight, 1st NetCaroline KahnBretton Woods Golf Club  168146
2nd Flight, 2nd Low GrossGerry StanleyChantilly National Golf & Country Club  172152
3rd Flight WinnerHelen CoxBelle Haven Country Club  184154
3rd Flight, 1st NetMargaret ConnorsArmy Navy Country Club  190156
3rd Flight, 2nd Low GrossSusie LeeMontgomery Country Club  189157
4th Flight WinnerMary PeskinHidden Creek Country Club  180144
4th Flight, 1st NetPat CunninghamChantilly National Golf & Country Club  183145
4th Flight, 2nd Low GrossCaryn FrancaChantilly National Golf & Country Club  183145
5th Flight WinnerSusan WalthallArmy Navy Country Club  187145
5th Flight, 1st NetSallie BubenChantilly National Golf & Country Club  190146
5th Flight, 2nd Low GrossAndi CarpenterArmy Navy Country Club  192150

WDCGA Anniversary Tournament (September 15, 2020)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
1st Gross OverallMaggie BradyCongressional Country ClubArline HoffmanWashington Golf & Country Club137130
Deborah KleinNorbeck Country ClubKatie CoxMount Vernon Country Club
1st Net OverallJill BensonWoodmont Country ClubTatjana KeuperWoodmont Country Club143128
Molly LeBlancColumbia Country ClubStephanie FarrellColumbia Country Club
1st Flight, 1st GrossJane CurtinArgyle Country ClubLisa SplaineArgyle Country Club142132
Carol DaviesArgyle Country ClubJanice CalomirisCongressional Country Club
1st Flight, 1st NetSusan WalthallArmy Navy Country ClubPam QuinnArmy Navy Country Club158128
Iris SullivanArmy Navy Country ClubTina GwilliamArmy Navy Country Club
2nd Flight, 1st GrossAnn LeeMontgomery Country ClubFreda ChaseMontgomery Country Club168135
Jen MoersenMontgomery Country ClubMichelle ZygielbaumMontgomery Country Club
2nd Flight, 1st NetDee BendaTrump National Golf ClubLiz CorwinTrump National Golf Club173135
Jean HoneyTrump National Golf ClubRose KolbTrump National Golf Club

Calomiris Church Cup (September 2, 2020)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossJanice CalomirisCongressional Country ClubSteve ChurchCongressional Country Club73
Low NetAndi CarpenterArmy Navy Country ClubMace CarpenterArmy Navy Country Club68
2nd GrossJill BensonWoodmont Country ClubKirk BensonWoodmont Country Club75
2nd NetChristina GwilliamArmy Navy Country ClubThomas GwilliamArmy Navy Country Club69
3rd GrossJane CurtinArgyle Country ClubPhil CurtinArgyle Country Club76

Coffman Cup, Class B (August 27, 2020)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossSung KimMontgomery Country Club  8471
Low NetChristina GwilliamArmy Navy Country Club  8975
2nd GrossCarol MoleskyHidden Creek Country Club  8775
2nd NetCaroline KahnBretton Woods Golf Club  8977
3rd GrossColleen KohlerArmy Navy Country Club  9177
3rd NetSuncha KimMontgomery Country Club  9477
4th GrossKate MartinsArmy Navy Country Club  9478
4th NetIris SullivanArmy Navy Country Club  9580

York Flower Bowl, Class C (August 27, 2020)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossAnne DollWashington Golf & Country Club  9273
Low NetCox, HelenBelle Haven Country Club  9376
2nd GrossSusie LeeMontgomery Country Club  9477
2nd NetPamela QuinnArmy Navy Country Club  9577
3rd GrossMary PeskinHidden Creek Country Club  9578

Pat Kaufman Cup, Class D (August 27, 2020)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossLaurie SteinCountry Club of Fairfax  9674
Low NetSusan WalthallArmy Navy Country Club  9875
2nd GrossBennett,DottieInternational Country Club  10079
2nd NetVivianne CoutsNational Golf Club at Tantallon  10177
3rd GrossAndi CarpenterArmy Navy Country Club  10178
3rd NetJean HoneyTrump National Golf Club  10177
4th GrossLynn FuechselWashington Golf & Country Club  10480
4th NetCarol MyersArmy Navy Country Club  10681
5th GrossMira YunMontgomery Country Club  10483

Washington Baltimore Intercity Team Match (July 8, 2020)

WDCGA wins the Intercity 16-2

Team members included: : Jane Curtin, Stef Herndon, Joan Gardner, Shelley Savage, Jackie Lutz, Beth Ennis, Kay Tyler, Mimi Hoffman, Jill Benson, Carol Davies, Christine Bates, Linda DiVall.