Tournament Results 2017

Tournament of Champions (October 25, 2017)

Place Name Club Gross Net
1st OverallDiane HerndonArgyle Country Club7872
Low GrossJoan GardnerMount Vernon Country Club8178
2nd GrossMaggie BradyCongressional Country Club8174
2nd NetChristina (Tina) GwilliamArmy Navy Country Club9072
3rd GrossKay TylerKenwood Golf & Country Club8477
3rd NetGinny MurphyCongressional Country Club9573
4th GrossJane CurtinArgyle Country Club8682
4th NetMelissa HechtWestwood Country Club9875
5th GrossPam MurrayWashington Golf & Country Club9280
5th NetSusan MillsColumbia Country Club10176

President’s Plate (October 6, 2017)

The format for the tournament was a Stableford.

Place Name Club Gross Net
Low NetMarion PhelanRiver Bend Golf & Country Club2345
Low GrossMaggie BradyCongressional Country Club2734
2nd NetHae HanTPC Potomac at Avenel Farm2241
2nd GrossDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country Club2535
3rd NetSherry MoseleyWestwood Country Club1340
3rd GrossDiane HerndonArgyle Country Club2430
4th NetMary BlairArmy Navy Country Club1140
4th GrossCarol DaviesArgyle Country Club2430
5th NetJP YangBretton Woods Golf Club2038
6th NetMary Ann CroninArmy Navy Country Club1037
7th NetLorraine HixonArmy Navy Country Club1237
8th NetAnn LeMontgomery Country Club1636

WDCGA Senior Championship (October 3 - 4, 2017)

Place Name Club Gross Net
Senior ChampionLisa SchlesingerNorbeck Country Club
Senior FinalistMimi HoffmanBelle Haven Country Club
Super SeniorMaggie BradyCongressional Country Club
Low Gross 60-69Lisa MooreArmy Navy Country Club
Low Gross 70-79Shirley KushnerNorbeck Country Club
1st Flight, WinnerShellEy SavageArmy Navy Country Club
1st Flight, 1st NetKay TylerKenwood Golf & Country Club
1st Flight, 2nd Low GrossCarol DaviesArgyle Country Club
2nd Flight WinnerJudi EnrightArmy Navy Country Club
2nd Flight, 1st NetTerry SturnerManor Country Club
2nd Flight, 2nd Low GrossKyong ChangSpringfield Golf & Country Club
3rd Flight WinnerPam OetgenBelle Haven Country Club
3rd Flight, 1st NetMaggie WhallArgyle Country Club
3rd Flight, 2nd Low GrossGinny MartinCongressional Country Club
4th Flight WinnerSusan BelfordBethesda Country Club
4th Flight, 1st NetSusan MillsColumbia Country Club
4th Flight, 2nd Low GrossSusan WalthallArmy Navy Country Club

WDCGA Anniversary Tournament (September 26, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossDiane HerndonArgyle Country ClubKay TylerKenwood Golf & Country Club143139
Low GrossMimi HoffmanBelle Haven Country ClubLisa SchlesingerNorbeck Country Club
Low NetAnissa RembertTrump National Golf ClubLucy ChunTrump National Golf Club147123
Low NetSiriwan GauldenTrump National Golf ClubChristy GaittenTrump National Golf Club
2nd GrossJane CurtinArgyle Country ClubLisa SplaineArgyle Country Club145134
2nd GrossTeena LeeMontgomery Country ClubKristin ShifflettMontgomery Country Club
2nd NetLee Vaughan WamplerMount Vernon Country ClubAnn EbertsMount Vernon Country Club166127
2nd NetAndi CarpernterArmy Navy Country ClubJill VantineArmy Navy Country Club
3rd GrossDebbie SimpsonMount Vernon Country ClubLinda DiVallMount Vernon Country Club149140
3rd GrossJoan GardnerMount Vernon Country ClubNancy DuncanBelle Haven Country Club
3rd NetAngie YooMontgomery Country ClubSung KimMontgomery Country Club165128
3rd NetJung KimMontgomery Country ClubHalle SeungMontgomery Country Club

Washington Richmond Intercity Team Match (August 30, 2017)

The first annual Washington Richmond Intercity Team Match was held at Mt. Vernon Country Club.  Team members included: Shelley Savage, Lynda Kay, Ally Terry, Linda DiVall,  Jane Curtin, Bev Lane, Mimi Hoffman, Arline Hoffman, Mary Cabriele and captains Diane Herndon and Kay Tyler.  WDCGA 14 1/2, Richmond 1/2.

Corby Cup, Class A (August 24, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country Club  8071
Low GrossShelley SavageArmy Navy Country Club  8379
2nd NetKyong ChangSpringfield Golf & Country Club  8875
2nd GrossAllisyn TerryRiver Creek Club  8480
3rd NetJackie LutzWestwood Country Club  8577
3rd GrossDeborah KleinNorbeck Country Club  8477
4th NetJuanita TryonMontgomery Country Club  8577
4th GrossTeena LeeMontgomery Country Club  8679
5th NetJudi EnrightArmy Navy Country Club  8878

Coffman Cup, Class B (August 24, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossSung KimMontgomery Country Club  8366
Low NetCaroline KahnBretton Woods Golf Club  8469
2nd GrossSheila BrennanChantilly National Golf & Country Club  8471
2nd NetJingping YangBretton Woods Golf Club  8469
3rd GrossAngie SeecharanWestwood Country Club  8976
3rd NetAnn LeeMontgomery Country Club  9375
4th GrossTucker, LindaWestwood Country Club  9377

York Flower Bowl, Class C (August 24, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossKimberly FuhrmanCountry Club of Fairfax  8465
Low NetPatti DavidsonMount Vernon Country Club  8970
2nd GrossChristina (Tina) GwilliamArmy Navy Country Club  9273
2nd NetJae Soon SongArmy Navy Country Club  9573
3rd GrossPat KaufmanMount Vernon Country Club  9374

Pat Kaufman Cup, Class D (August 24, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossCarol MyersArmy Navy Country Club  8965
Low NetLorraine HixonArmy Navy Country Club  9570
2nd GrossCheryl DalyArmy Navy Country Club  9674
2nd NetAndi CarpenterArmy Navy Country Club  9772
3rd GrossLaurie BravoNational Golf Club at Tantallon  9774
3rd NetMary BlairArmy Navy Country Club  9772
4th GrossLaurie SteinCountry Club of Fairfax  9773

Calomiris Church Cup (August 17, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossLauren GreenliefInternational Country ClubJeffrey LongInternational Country Club6266
Low NetAnne BrightlingSpringfield Golf & Country ClubColin BrightlingSpringfield Golf & Country Club7562
2nd GrossClare ConnollyChevy Chase ClubKevin McDonnellChevy Chase Club6867
2nd NetNiki BennettBelle Haven Country ClubBruce Roland 7866
3rd GrossChristine BechtelNorbeck Country ClubJay BernhardtNorbeck Country Club7066
3rd NetJill BensonWoodmont Country ClubKirk BensonWoodmont Country Club7466
4th GrossMary CabrieleCountry Club of FairfaxMike BrownCountry Club of Fairfax7169
4th NetKaren McGeeCountry Club of FairfaxDavid Handle 8167
5th GrossLynda KayTrump National Golf ClubBlair SempleTrump National Golf Club7368
5th NetCandy ClaryMount Vernon Country ClubDamon HinshawMount Vernon Country Club8167
6th GrossKathleen LubinRiver Bend Golf & Country ClubJay VandevenRiver Bend Golf & Country Club7662
6th NetDeborah WilsonTrump National Golf ClubRay SaulinoTrump National Golf Club8067
7th NetDominique BanvilleChantilly National Golf & Country ClubCraig EsherickArmy Navy Country Club8068

Tony Marlowe (August 15, 2017)

Morning results are listed first followed by afternoon results.

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetAngie YooMontgomery Country ClubSung KimMontgomery Country Club8064
Low GrossCarol DaviesArgyle Country ClubLisa SplaineArgyle Country Club7266
2nd NetKyong ChangSpringfield Golf & Country ClubMyung MoonTrump National Golf Club7967
2nd GrossDiane HerndonArgyle Country ClubStefanie HerndonArgyle Country Club7673
3rd NetNan BenderWoodmont Country ClubBonnie BerlinerWoodmont Country Club8468
3rd GrossCarolyn BrownRiver Bend Golf & Country ClubKathleen LubinRiver Bend Golf & Country Club7868
4th NetKathy OlsonManor Country ClubDiane GarrettManor Country Club9069
4th GrossJudi EnrightArmy Navy Country ClubShelley SavageArmy Navy Country Club7972
Low NetJackie LutzWestwood Country ClubDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country Club6371
Low GrossKay TylerKenwood Golf & Country ClubLauren GreenliefInternational Country Club7369
2nd NetCarol CohenWoodmont Country ClubKaye MopsikWoodmont Country Club6687
2nd GrossTeena LeeMontgomery Country ClubKristin SchifflettMontgomery Country Club6873
3rd NetSusan AronoffWoodmont Country ClubJanice CalomirisCongressional Country Club6674
3rd GrossJoan GardnerMount Vernon Country ClubBev LaneCongressional Country Club7276
4th NetCaroline KAHNBretton Woods Golf ClubJINGPING YANGBretton Woods Golf Club8066
4th GrossMaggie BradyCongressional Country ClubDeborah KleinNorbeck Country Club6976

WDCGA Championship (August 7 - 10, 2017)

Qualifying round on Monday August 7th.

Championship Medalists: Alex Austin – 72

Metta Streit Winner – Low Qualifier 50 years & over: Mimi Hoffman – 79

winner   winner

1st Flight Finalists
1st Flight Finalists

2nd Flight Finalists
2nd Flight Finalists

Grace Lady Cup, Class A (July 25, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossStefanie HerndonArgyle Country Club  7371
Low NetJudi EnrightArmy Navy Country Club  7971
2nd GrossHoffman, MimiBelle Haven Country Club  7776
2nd NetJackie LutzWestwood Country Club  8073
3rd GrossCarol DaviesArgyle Country Club  7875
3rd NetDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country Club  8274
4th GrossMaria KirbyBelle Haven Country Club  7974
4th NetMaile FriesArmy Navy Country Club  8274
5th GrossLinda DiVallMount Vernon Country Club  8176
5th NetKathleen LubinRiver Bend Golf & Country Club  8475

Evening Star Cup, Class B (July 25, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossHelen CoxBelle Haven Country Club  9377
Low NetPamela QuinnArmy Navy Country Club  9376
2nd GrossStephanie FarrellColumbia Country Club  9380
2nd NetAnn LeeMontgomery Country Club  9780
3rd GrossAngie SeecharanWestwood Country Club  9482

Margaret Russo Cup, Class C (July 19, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossLouisa ViscontiArmy Navy Country Club  9374
Low NetPat CunninghamChantilly National Golf & Country Club  9475
2nd GrossKim FuhrmanCountry Club of Fairfax  9476
2nd NetMira YunMontgomery Country Club  9575
3rd GrossJung kyung(JK) KimMontgomery Country Club  9476

Sam Hall Cup, Class D (July 19, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossJae Soon SongArmy Navy Country Club  9269
Low NetLaurie SteinCountry Club of Fairfax  9674
2nd GrossMary Ann CroninArmy Navy Country Club  9774
2nd NetKyung KimMontgomery Country Club  9976
3rd GrossDaly, CherylArmy Navy Country Club  9976
3rd NetSusan MillsColumbia Country Club  10077

Washington Baltimore Intercity Team Match (July 14, 2017)

The WDCGA Intercity Team defeated Baltimore 10-8 in the annual Washington Baltimore Intercity Team Match.

The Verell Past President’s Cup (July 11, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
1st OverallLisa SchlesingerNorbeck Country ClubStefanie HerndonArgyle Country Club68
Flight 1 WinnerTeena LeeMontgomery Country ClubKristin ShifflettMontgomery Country Club68
Flight 1 Runner-UpJoan GardnerMount Vernon Country ClubSusan PodolskyMount Vernon Country Club71
Flight 1 3rd PlaceShelley SavageArmy Navy Country ClubJudi EnrightArmy Navy Country Club73
Flight 1 4thPlaceJane CurtinArgyle Country ClubMaggie BradyCongressional Country Club73
Flight 2 WinnerSarah Trott de SeveWashington Golf & Country ClubLisa MurphyWashington Golf & Country Club73
Flight 2 Runner-UpJackie LutzWestwood Country ClubLinda TuckerWestwood Country Club76
Flight 2 3rd PlaceKerry O'HareMount Vernon Country ClubLee WamplerMount Vernon Country Club78
Flight 2 4th PlaceDebbie SimpsonMount Vernon Country ClubDianne Der BogosianMount Vernon Country Club79
Flight 3 WinnerCandy ClaryMount Vernon Country ClubTina GwilliamArmy Navy Country Club75
Flight 3 Runner-UpJoanne DomsonBelle Haven Country ClubMary MannBelle Haven Country Club81
Flight 3 3rd PlaceTatjana KeuperWoodmont Country ClubCarol CohenWoodmont Country Club82
Flight 3 4th PlaceNiki BennettBelle Haven Country ClubJoan FlippinBelle Haven Country Club82
Flight 4 WinnerAnn NicholsKenwood Golf & Country ClubCarolyn ClewellKenwood Golf & Country Club81
Flight 4 Runner-UpLisa CroteauArmy Navy Country ClubBeth FosterArmy Navy Country Club82
Flight 4 3rd PlaceSue MitchellKenwood Golf & Country ClubMary PlacheKenwood Golf & Country Club83
Flight 4 4th PlaceSung KimMontgomery Country ClubHalle SeungMontgomery Country Club83
Flight 5 WinnerDebbie DawsonArmy Navy Country ClubAmy HawkinsArmy Navy Country Club81
Flight 5 Runner-UpVicki DutcherMount Vernon Country ClubPatti DavidsonMount Vernon Country Club84
Flight 5 3rd PlaceElaine BlockSpringfield Golf & Country ClubLori FarroSpringfield Golf & Country Club85
Flight 5 4th PlaceAnne DollWashington Golf & Country ClubEve MurtyWashington Golf & Country Club86

Houlahan Cup (June 30, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
1st OverallKaren McGeeCountry Club of Fairfax  85
2nd OverallHalle SeungMontgomery Country Club  89
3rd OverallAngie SeecharanWestwood Country Club  89
Flight 1 WinnerSung KimMontgomery Country Club  89
Flight 1 Runner-UpIris SullivanArmy Navy Country Club  90
Flight 2 WinnerDottie BennettInternational Country Club  91
Flight 2 Runner-UpMira YunMontgomery Country Club  92
Flight 3 WinnerLori FarroSpringfield Golf & Country Club  91
Flight 3 Runner-UpVicctoria DutcherMount Vernon Country Club  91
Flight 4 WinnerCheryl DalyArmy Navy Country Club  97
Flight 4 Runner-UpSusan MillsColumbia Country Club  99

Bennett Pinehurst (June 19, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetBeth FosterArmy Navy Country ClubBev WinstonArmy Navy Country Club8665
Low GrossAllisyn TerryRiver Creek ClubKate TidgewellRiver Creek Club7466
2nd NetBetsy CarterSpringfield Golf & Country ClubLori FarroSpringfield Golf & Country Club9066
2nd GrossChristine BechtelNorbeck Country ClubLisa SchlesingerNorbeck Country Club7572
3rd NetKathleen LubinRiver Bend Golf & Country ClubDidi ParkerRiver Bend Golf & Country Club8368
3rd GrossJackie LutzWestwood Country ClubLori Wood-MarsengillWestwood Country Club7568
4th NetDominique BanvilleChantilly National Golf & Country ClubSheila BrennanChantilly National Golf & Country Club7968
4th GrossKatie CoxMount Vernon Country ClubJoan GardnerArgyle Country Club7672
5th NetAnnie BallantineInternational Country ClubDottie BennettMount Vernon Country Club8668
5th GrossStefanie HerndonArgyle Country ClubDiane HerndonArgyle Country Club7874
6th NetMary BlairArmy Navy Country ClubGloria CarrierArmy Navy Country Club9268
7th NetLynne HollowayTPC Potomac at Avenel FarmMary Irene McMahon-TaplinTPC Potomac at Avenel Farm8568
8th NetFries, MaileArmy Navy Country ClubPamela QuinnArmy Navy Country Club8169
9th NetSoon Rae PinkosCountry Club of FairfaxLaurie SteinCountry Club of Fairfax9170

Helen Goldstein Cup, Class D (June 13, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossMargie HintonChantilly National Golf & Country Club  9067
Low NetCheryl DalyArmy Navy Country ClubCheryl Daly 9873
2nd GrossJae Soon SongArmy Navy Country Club  9975
2nd NetMary BlairArmy Navy Country Club  10277

Cathey Cup, Class C (June 13, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossTina GwilliamArmy Navy Country Club  9373
Low NetJung kyung(J.K) KimMontgomery Country Club  9473
2nd GrossLiz TracyNational Golf Club at Tantallon  9576
2nd NetPam OetgenBelle Haven Country Club  9879

Linda Tucker Cup, Class A (June 7, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossLisa SchlesingerNorbeck Country Club  7374
Low NetMimi HoffmanBelle Haven Country Club  7573
2nd GrossCarol DaviesArgyle Country Club  8076
2nd NetTeena LeeMontgomery Country Club  8173
3rd GrossJane CurtinArgyle Country Club  8175
3rd NetJackie LutzWestwood Country Club  8173
4th GrossMaggie BradyCongressional Country Club  8477

Brady Cup, Class B (June 7, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossJoanne DomsonBelle Haven Country Club  8772
Low NetAngie SeecharanWestwood Country Club  8974
2nd GrossMarion PhelanRiver Bend Golf & Country Club  8874
2nd NetJessie LahrMount Vernon Country Club  9174
3rd GrossMim BernsteinLakewood Country Club  8975
3rd NetSung KimMontgomery Country Club  9275

Keefer Cup (May 3 - 4, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossAlexandra AustinSpringfield Golf & Country Club  151159
Low NetJoan GardnerMount Vernon Country Club  160144
2nd GrossShelley SavageArmy Navy Country Club  156148
2nd NetLinda FortChevy Chase Club  170144
3rd GrossAllisyn TerryRiver Creek Club  157145
3rd NetGerry StanleyChantilly National Golf & Country Club  165145
4th GrossMary CabrieleCountry Club of Fairfax  159155
4th NetMaureen DolanCongressional Country Club  168146
5th GrossJane CurtinArgyle Country Club  161151
5th NetAngie YooMontgomery Country Club  173147

Nancy Davies Memorial Ice Breaker (April 29, 2017)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetPat KaufmanMount Vernon Country Club  72
Low GrossStefanie HerndonArgyle Country Club  82
2nd NetJudi EnrightArmy Navy Country Club  72
2nd GrossKathleen LubinRiver Bend Golf & Country Club  84
3rd NetShannon StevensNorbeck Country Club  76
3rd GrossChristine BechtelNorbeck Country Club  87
4th NetGerry StanleyChantilly National Golf & Country Club  76
4th GrossMimi HoffmanBelle Haven Country Club  87
5th NetSheila BrennanChantilly National Golf & Country Club  79
6th NetShirley KushnerNorbeck Country Club  80