Tournament Results 2019

Calomiris Church Cup (September 9, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossJane CurtinArgyle Country ClubPhil CurtinArgyle Country Club6460
Low NetKyong ChangSpringfield Golf & Country ClubSoon ChangSpringfield Golf & Country Club7359
2nd GrossJanice CalomirisCongressional Country ClubSteve ChurchCongressional Country Club6961
2nd NetCarol MyersArmy Navy Country ClubLarry MyersArmy Navy Country Club8259
3rd GrossJill BensonWoodmont Country ClubKirk BensonWoodmont Country Club7062

Coffman Cup, Class B (August 29, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossSung KimMontgomery Country Club  7761
Low NetKate MartinsArmy Navy Country Club  8062
2nd GrossMarie AndersonArmy Navy Country Club  7966
2nd NetAnn LeeMontgomery Country Club  8467
3rd GrossColleen KohlerArmy Navy Country Club  8168
3rd NetPeggy RendelyArgyle Country Club  8267
4th GrossPatty GillNational Golf Club at Tantallon  8369
4th NetCaroline KahnBretton Woods Golf Club  8569

York Flower Bowl, Class C (August 29, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossPamela BrownHidden Creek Country Club  9274
Low NetSoon Rae PinkosCountry Club of Fairfax  9373
2nd GrossMills, CarolArmy Navy Country Club  9374
2nd NetDottie BennettInternational Country Club  9575
3rd GrossMary RobyakChantilly National Golf & Country Club  9575
3rd NetLynn FuechselWashington Golf & Country Club  9877
4th GrossHalle SeungMontgomery Country Club  9877
4th NetHawkins, AmyArmy Navy Country Club  9878

Pat Kaufman Cup, Class D (August 29, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossLaurie SteinCountry Club of Fairfax  8462
Low NetMary BlairArmy Navy Country Club  8662
2nd GrossHixon, LorraineArmy Navy Country Club  9166
2nd NetJae Soon SongArmy Navy Country Club  9368
3rd GrossMarilee JohnsonArmy Navy Country Club  9371
3rd NetMary Ann CroninArmy Navy Country Club  9570
4th GrossJean HoneyTrump National Golf Club  10075

The Verell Past President’s Cup (August 27, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
1st OverallAllisyn TerryRiver Creek ClubChristine BatesRiver Creek Club70
Flight 1 WinnerJoan GardnerMount Vernon Country ClubKatie CoxMount Vernon Country Club72
Flight 1 2nd PlaceBev LaneCongressional Country ClubMaggie BradyCongressional Country Club73
Flight 1 3rd PlaceChristina HuiBretton Woods Golf ClubMaria KirbyBelle Haven Country Club74
Flight 1 4thPlaceJackie LutzWestwood Country ClubLinda TuckerWestwood Country Club74
Flight 2 WinnerMaile FriesArmy Navy Country ClubHawkins, AmyArmy Navy Country Club78
Flight 2 2nd PlaceO'Hare, KerryMount Vernon Country ClubDianne DerBogosianMount Vernon Country Club79
Flight 2 3rd PlaceKathleen LubinRiver Bend Golf & Country ClubLucy ChunTrump National Golf Club80
Flight 2 4th PlaceColleen KohlerArmy Navy Country ClubMarcotte, KarenMount Vernon Country Club81
Flight 3 WinnerNiki BennettBelle Haven Country ClubJoan FlippinBelle Haven Country Club80
Flight 3 2nd PlaceMichele AngelHidden Creek Country ClubKerry HoaglandHidden Creek Country Club81
Flight 3 3rd PlaceFreda ChaseMontgomery Country ClubJen MoersenMontgomery Country Club83
Flight 3 4th PlaceShara FordyceArmy Navy Country ClubBeth FosterArmy Navy Country Club84
Flight 4 WinnerPamela BrownHidden Creek Country ClubYoung W ChoiHidden Creek Country Club82
Flight 4 2nd PlaceKaren McGeeCountry Club of FairfaxLaurie SteinCountry Club of Fairfax84
Flight 4 3rd PlaceIris SullivanArmy Navy Country ClubCharlene FoleyArmy Navy Country Club86
Flight 4 4th PlaceMary PeskinHidden Creek Country ClubDana AingeHidden Creek Country Club87
Flight 5 WinnerPatty GillNational Golf Club at TantallonLaurie BravoNational Golf Club at Tantallon79
Flight 5 2nd PlaceKate MartinsArmy Navy Country ClubLorraine HixonArmy Navy Country Club86
Flight 4 3rd PlaceMarilee JohnsonArmy Navy Country ClubMary BlairArmy Navy Country Club87
Flight 5 4th PlaceMargaret Ann ConnorsArmy Navy Country ClubAndri (Andi) CarpenterArmy Navy Country Club88

WDCGA Championship (August 12 - 15, 2019)

Qualifying round on Monday August 12th.

Championship Medalist: Lauren Greenlief – 66

Metta Streit Winner – Low Qualifier 50 years & over: Joan Gardner – 76

WDCGA Championship Winner
WDCGA Championship Winner
WDCGA Championship Flight Finalists
WDCGA Championship Flight Finalists

Corby Cup, Class A (August 8, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetKathleen LubinRiver Bend Golf & Country Club  8374
Low GrossStef HerndonArgyle Country Club  8078
2nd NetJennifer KitchenTPC Potomac at Avenel Farm  8175
2nd GrossBev LaneCongressional Country Club  8277
3rd NetBeth EnnisNorbeck Country Club  8477
3rd GrossDiane HerndonArgyle Country Club  8479
4th NetJuanita TryonMontgomery Country Club  8478
4th GrossMinahil ChoudryTPC Potomac at Avenel Farm  8579
5th NetDiane GartskaSpringfield Golf & Country Club  8679
5th GrossTeena LeeMontgomery Country Club  8883

Tony Marlowe (August 6, 2019)

Morning results are listed first followed by afternoon results.  The afternoon results are for an abbreviated 11 holes due to weather.   Holes included 1-6, 10-14.

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetCaroline KahnBretton Woods Golf ClubJing Ping YangBretton Woods Golf Club7861
Low GrossStefanie HerndonArgyle Country ClubDiane HerndonArgyle Country Club6461
2nd NetJane CurtinArgyle Country ClubJenny KitchenArgyle Country Club7065
2nd GrossSusan AronoffWoodmont Country ClubJill BensonWoodmont Country Club7265
3rd NetDee BendaTrump National Golf ClubSiriwan GauldenTrump National Golf Club8465
3rd GrossJanice CalomirisCongressional Country ClubLisa SplaineArgyle Country Club7668
4th NetKerry O'HareMount Vernon Country ClubPatti DavidsonMount Vernon Country Club8368
Low NetLynn FuechselWashington Golf & Country ClubPam MurrayWashington Golf & Country Club4939
Low GrossLena CapocciaTPC Potomac at Avenel FarmAmanda LevyWoodmont Country Club43
2nd NetEllen DonadioLakewood Country ClubSeana HilleyLakewood Country Club5039
2nd GrossJackie LutzWestwood Country ClubDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country Club4341
3rd NetShannon StevensNorbeck Country ClubKaren FisherNorbeck Country Club4540
3rd GrossShawn McCulloughMount Vernon Country ClubDiane WillkensNorbeck Country Club4541
4th NetTeresa ShawTrump National Golf ClubJessie ImTrump National Golf Club5141

Grace Lady Cup, Class A (July 17, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossStef HerndonArgyle Country Club  7573
Low NetJuanita TryonMontgomery Country Club  7568
2nd GrossChristine BatesRiver Creek Club  7772
2nd NetJill BensonWoodmont Country Club  8071
3rd GrossShelley SavageArmy Navy Country Club  7874
3rd NetCaroline BarbeauBretton Woods Golf Club  8174
4th GrossMaria KirbyBelle Haven Country Club  7975
4th NetDiane GartskaSpringfield Golf & Country Club  8074
5th GrossJackie LutzWestwood Country Club  8277
5th NetBeth EnnisNorbeck Country Club  8376

Evening Star Cup, Class B (July 17, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossKyong ChangSpringfield Golf & Country Club  7866
Low NetSuncha KimMontgomery Country Club  8468
2nd GrossPatty GillNational Golf Club at Tantallon  8671
2nd NetCaroline KahnBretton Woods Golf Club  8872
3rd GrossPamela QuinnArmy Navy Country Club  9076
3rd NetKerry HoaglandHidden Creek Country Club  9376
4th GrossJeamsook KimCountry Club of Fairfax  9278
4th NetMary PeskinHidden Creek Country Club  9276

Margaret Russo Cup, Class C (July 17, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossMarilee JohnsonArmy Navy Country Club  9271
Low NetHalle SeungMontgomery Country Club  9575
2nd GrossPam OetgenBelle Haven Country Club  9477
2nd NetSoonrae PinkosCountry Club of Fairfax  9676
3rd GrossJung kyung(J.K) KimMontgomery Country Club  9676
3rd NetTina GwilliamArmy Navy Country Club  9677

Sam Hall Cup, Class D (July 17, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossLynn FuechselWashington Golf & Country Club  9170
Low NetBlock, ElaineSpringfield Golf & Country Club  9268
2nd GrossMichelle ZygielbaumMontgomery Country Club  9271
2nd NetJae Soon SongArmy Navy Country Club  9773
3rd GrossMitsuko OtaniCongressional Country Club  9877
3rd NetMary Ann CroninArmy Navy Country Club  10076
4th GrossDana AingeHidden Creek Country Club  10280

Washington Baltimore Intercity Team Match (July 10, 2019)

WDCGA 6.5 Baltimore 11.5 at Turf Valley

Team members included: Stef Herndon, Lisa Schlesinger, Christina Hui, Maria Kirby, Susan Podolsky, Kim Franks, Jane Curtin, Lori Marsengill, Diane Garstka, Bev Lane, Christine Bechtel, Diane Herndon.

Linda Tucker Cup, Class A (June 25, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossStef HerndonArgyle Country Club  7471
Low NetTeena LeeMontgomery Country Club  7670
2nd GrossAllisyn TerryRiver Creek Club  7773
2nd NetLinda TuckerWestwood Country Club  8473
3rd GrossKristine RohrbaughHidden Creek Country Club  7875
3rd NetJane CurtinArgyle Country Club  8175
4th GrossCarol DaviesArgyle Country Club  8277
4th NetTryon, JuanitaMontgomery Country Club  8476

Anita Baarns Cup, Class B (June 25, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossKristin BerryWashington Golf & Country Club  8469
Low NetMarie AndersonArmy Navy Country Club  8772
2nd GrossColleen KohlerArmy Navy Country Club  8774
2nd NetMichele AngelHidden Creek Country Club  8973
3rd GrossJeamsook KimCountry Club of Fairfax  8874
3rd NetPam QuinnArmy Navy Country Club  9175

Cathey Cup, Class C (June 25, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossPamela L BrownHidden Creek Country Club  9173
Low NetYoung, ChoiHidden Creek Country Club  9374
2nd GrossAnne DollWashington Golf & Country Club  9677
2nd NetSoon-rae PinkosCountry Club of Fairfax  9776
3rd GrossMaggie WhallArgyle Country Club  9776

Helen Goldstein Cup, Class D (June 25, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossDana AingeHidden Creek Country Club  9876
Low NetMary BlairArmy Navy Country Club  9975
2nd GrossSusan WalthallArmy Navy Country Club  9877
2nd NetMarilee JohnsonArmy Navy Country Club  9976
3rd GrossMary RobyakChantilly National Golf & Country Club  10179

Bennett Pinehurst (June 17, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetMarilee JohnsonArmy Navy Country ClubMary BlairArmy Navy Country Club8360
Low GrossKatie CoxMount Vernon Country ClubJoan GardnerMount Vernon Country Club6964
2nd NetAnne BrightlingSpringfield Golf & Country ClubDianne Der BogosianMount Vernon Country Club8063
2nd GrossShelley SavageArmy Navy Country ClubLinda DiVallMount Vernon Country Club7267
3rd NetDidi ParkerRiver Bend Golf & Country ClubKathleen LubinRiver Bend Golf & Country Club8065
3rd GrossDeb KleinNorbeck Country ClubBeth EnnisNorbeck Country Club7366
4th NetJill BensonWoodmont Country ClubLouise MelbyBethesda Country Club7766
4th GrossStefanie HerndonArgyle Country ClubDiane HerndonArgyle Country Club7571
5th NetLucy ChunTrump National Golf ClubCorwin, LizTrump National Golf Club8066
5th GrossMimi HoffmanBelle Haven Country ClubKay TylerBelle Haven Country Club7672
6th NetKaren McGeeCountry Club of FairfaxAlisa RomeroCountry Club of Fairfax8667
7th NetClaudia CraigNorbeck Country ClubShirley KushnerNational Golf Club at Tantallon8969
8th NetDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country ClubSplaine, LisaArgyle Country Club7769

Houlahan Cup (May 10, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
1st OverallKaren MarcotteMount Vernon Country Club  84
2nd OverallSung KimMontgomery Country Club  86
3rd OverallMarie AndersonArmy Navy Country Club  88
Flight 1 WinnerSun cha KimMontgomery Country Club  89
Flight 1 Runner-UpPatty GillNational Golf Club at Tantallon  90*
Flight 2 WinnerKate MartinsArmy Navy Country Club  89
Flight 2 Runner-UpKerry HoaglandHidden Creek Country Club  91
Flight 3 WinnerPatti DavidsonMount Vernon Country Club  92
Flight 3 Runner-UpJulie RakesMount Vernon Country Club  94
Flight 4 WinnerDottie BennettInternational Country Club  94
Flight 4 Runner-UpMarilee JohnsonArmy Navy Country Club  97
Flight 5 WinnerJae Soon SongArmy Navy Country Club  95
Flight 5 Runner-UpElaine BlockSpringfield Golf & Country Club  96*

Keefer Cup (May 1 - 2, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low GrossDiane GarstkaSpringfield Golf & Country Club  155139
Low NetDale Keats LipnickWoodmont Country Club  164138
2nd GrossShelley SavageArmy Navy Country Club  155147
2nd NetDiane HerndonArgyle Country Club  157141
3rd GrossCarol DaviesArgyle Country Club  155145
3rd NetPam MurrayWashington Golf & Country Club  173145
4th GrossJennifer KitchenTPC Potomac at Avenel Farm  156152
4th NetLinda TuckerWestwood Country Club  175149
5th GrossMary CabrieleCountry Club of Fairfax  158152
5th NetSeecharan, AngieWestwood Country Club  176150

Nancy Davies Memorial Ice Breaker (April 27, 2019)

Place Name Club Name Club Gross Net
Low NetJill BensonWoodmont Country Club  8273
Low GrossStef HerndonArgyle Country Club  8378
2nd NetKyong ChangSpringfield Golf & Country Club  8876
2nd GrossJennifer KitchenTPC Potomac at Avenel Farm  8381
3rd NetDiane HerndonArgyle Country Club  8476
3rd GrossJane CurtinArgyle Country Club  8578
4th NetPatricia GillNational Golf Club at Tantallon  9376
4th GrossBeth EnnisNorbeck Country Club  8577
5th NetTeena LeeMontgomery Country Club  9080
6th NetCaludia CraigNorbeck Country Club  9980