Corby Cup, Class A

About The Sponsor

This Class A Cup is the second oldest event sponsored by the District. First held in 1928, the Corby Cup is named in honor of Muriel Clark Corby, a member of Columbia Country Club. Played annually at Columbia, the Corby Cup is a historic tournament which represents the finest of WDCGA traditions — a long history of competitive golf at a venerable Washington club. We value our enduring relationship with Columbia Country Club and appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the Corby Cup there every year.

Already Registered

Caroline Barbeau
Jill Benson
Kyong Chang
Jane Curtin
Carol Davies
Judi Enright
Maile Fries
Diane Garstka
Diane Herndon
Arline Hoffman
Jeamsook Kim
Maria Kirby
Deborah Klein
Teena Lee
Kathleen Lubin
Jackie Lutz
Shelley Savage
Allisyn Terry
Juanita Tryon
Jingping Yang

Past Winners

Year Winner Club
2017 Diane Garstka Springfield G&CC
2016 Allisyn Terry River Creek Club
2015 Lenore Martinez Columbia CC
2014 Jackie Lutz Westwood CC
2013 Judi Enright Army Navy CC
2012 Arline Hoffman Washington G & CC
2011 Nancy Lim Montgomery Village GC
2010 Arline Hoffman Belle Haven CC
2009 Vicki Huggins Montgomery CC
2008 Marion Phelan River Bend G & CC
2007 Maile Fries Army Navy CC
2006 Lisa Moore Army Navy CC
2005 Arline Hoffman Belle Haven CC
2004 Carol Davies-Lillie Argyle CC
2003 Lisa Moore Army Navy CC
2002 Jung Ae Chung Army Navy CC
2001 Malory Crossland Chevy Chase Club
2000 Son Hee Phillips Army Navy CC
1999 Jessica Lahr Mt. Vernon CC
1998 Malsun Lee Indian Spring CC
1997 Dottie Bennett International CC
1996 Kyong Chang Springfield CC
1995 Deb Pearson Indian Spring CC
1994 Malson Lee Indian Spring CC
1993 Deb Pearson Indian Spring CC
1992 Son Hee Phillips Army Navy CC
1991 Pat Ballard Wash. Golf & CC
1990 Carmen Oelsner Bretton Woods
1989 Judy Nelson Army Navy CC
1988 Rita Chadwick Lakewood CC
1987 Ellen McGowan Springfield CC
1986 Wendy Stewart Belle Haven CC
1985 Carol Harris Kenwood CC
1984 Angela M. Munno Argyle CC
1983 Lorraine Elder Army Navy CC
1982 Mrs. Ralph V. Guglielmi Congressional CC
1981 Mrs. Philip Evans Chevy Chase Club
1980 Mrs. Donald M. Carpenter Columbia CC
1979 Sally Voss Congressional CC
1978 Mrs. Ned I. Looney Army Navy CC
1977 Mrs. Curtis Anderson Army Navy CC
1976 Mrs. Tom Keeney Army Navy CC
1975 Mrs. Edwin A. Brubacker River Bend Golf & CC
1974 Mrs. J. Donald Miller Bethesda CC
1973 Mrs. Roger A. Chapman Army Navy CC
1972 Mrs. Donald M. Carpenter Columbia CC
1971 Mrs. H.N. Hershberg Indian Spring CC
1970 Mrs. John P. Daddio Prince Georges CC
1969 Mrs. Murphy B. Booth Manor CC
1968 Mrs. Raymond E. Trebilko Army Navy CC
1967 Mrs. Wilson E. Howard Argyle CC
1965 Ms. Michel Foster Manor CC
1964 Mrs. Elbert G. Barber
1963 Mrs. Irving W. Swanson
1962 Mrs. C.L. Egenroad Washington Golf & CC
1961 Mrs. Bruce Bollermann Courthouse CC
1960 Georgia Mae McKeever Argyle CC
1959 Mrs. Frank Cush Argyle CC
1958 Mrs. Clarence Doser Washingtonian
1957 Mrs. Frank C. Cush Argyle CC
1956 Barbara A. Diggs Manor CC
1955 Mrs. Frank Cush Argyle CC
1954 Mrs. Betty P. Meckley Kenwood CC
1953 Mrs. William Weitzen Indian Spring CC
1952 Mrs. Roderick Watson Manor CC
1951 Mrs. David H. Henderson Congressional CC
1950 Mrs. Cecil Burnside Chevy Chase Club
1949 Mrs. Gilbert R. Levy Prince Georges CC
1948 Mrs. Bettey P. Meckley Kenwood CC
1947 Mrs. Ora Emge Prince Georges CC
1946 Mrs. Michael Mehan
1945 Ione M. Mercer
1944 Mrs. E.E. Herrmann
1943 Mrs. E.E. Herrmann
1942 Mrs. George H. Bailey, Jr.
1941 Mrs. Judson C. Dale
1940 Mrs. M.A. Dent
1939 Mrs. M.K. Barroll, Jr.
1938 Mrs. Montgomery Blair, Jr.
1937 Mrs. Clair L. Miller
1936 Marion S. Brown
1935 Florence J. Godfrey
1934 Mrs. Roland MacKenzie Congressional CC
1933 Nellie Mae Neff
1932 Florence Scott
1931 Mrs. J. Marvin Haynes
1930 Victoria C. Eynon
1929 Susan C. Hacker Chevy Chase Club
1928 Winifred M. Faunce Manor CC