Evening Star Cup, Class B

About The Sponsor

WDCGA Past President (1999-2000) Carolyn Willis began sponsoring the Evening Star Cup in 2000 to honor the long history of the WDCGA Evening Star Cup. The original Class B Evening Star tournament dates back to 1940, when this very same trophy was donated by the Evening Star newspaper. At that time it was intended as the sister event to the existing Evening Star Cup, begun in 1924, before class tournaments were a part of WDCGA tradition. 1940 also saw Class B Cups sponsored by the Washington Post and the Times Herald newspapers. Our current Class B Evening Star Cup honors its own history and reminds today’s members that they are linked to many rich WDCGA traditions.

Already Registered

Patricia Ballard
Anne Brightling
Kyong Chang
Yoonyoung Choi
Helen Cox
Anne Doll
Patty Gill
Kerry Hoagland
Caroline Kahn
Sung Kim
Suncha Kim
Jeamsook Kim
Ann Lee
Kate Martins
Mary Peskin
Pamela Quinn
Sarah Trott de Seve
Jingping Yang

Past Winners


Year Winner Club
2018 Helen Cox Belle Haven CC
2017 Helen Cox Belle Haven CC
2016 Sheila Brennan Chantilly G&CC
2015 Kerry O’Hare Mt. Vernon CC
2014 Chea Luff Army Navy CC
2013 Angie Yoo Montgomery CC
2012 Judie Armington Army Navy CC
2011 Judie Armington Army Navy CC
2010 CeCe Brooks Congressional
2009 Cathy Reusche Army Navy CC
2008 Jung Ae Chung Army Navy CC
2007 Lucy Chun Lowes Island Club
2006 Karen O’Neill International CC
2005 Marion Phelan River Bend Golf & CC
2004 Jung Ae Chung Army Navy CC
2003 Hillary Bruggan Columbia CC
2002 Jung Ae Chung Army Navy CC
2001 Chea Luff Army Navy CC
2000 Hilart Bruggan Columbia
1999 Clara Shin Chantilly
1998 Nancy Welch River Bend Golf & CC
1997 Helen Lee Avenel CC
1996 Mrs. Jill Gainer Mont. Village CC
1995 Mrs. Nancy Welch River Bend CC
1994 Mrs. Kyong S. Chang Springfield CC
1993 Mrs. Mary K. Kerich Bethesda CC
1992 Mrs. Sidney A. Willson Montgomery CC
1991 Mrs. Maxine Johnson Army Navy CC
1990 Mrs. Susan Tait Bretton Woods
1989 Mrs. Nan Higginson Bretton Woods
1988 Mrs. Marti Rust Westwood CC
1987 Mrs. Ruth Brubaker River Bend CC
1986 Mrs. Paula Brenneman Columbia CC
1985 Mary K. Kauffman Bethesda CC
1984 Mrs. Connie Gallogly Army-Navy CC
1983 Mrs. Ellen McGowan Springfield CC
1982 Mrs. Dorothy Frauwirth Indian Springs CC
1981 Mrs. Owen W. Williams Army-Navy CC
1980 Mrs. Jean Wagoner International CC
1979 Mrs. Acors Thompson River Bend CC
1978 Mrs. Virginia Kreuzburg Columbia CC
1977 Mrs. John R. Finley Kenwood CC
1976 Mrs. A.A. Kopcsak Army-Navy CC
1975 Mrs. J. Grappone International CC
1974 Mrs. P. Holnon Springfield CC
1973 Mrs. F.E. Abrino Army-Navy CC
1972 Mrs. G.F. Hamill Kenwood CC
1971 Mrs. Milton Rollins Indian Springs CC
1970 Mrs. Milton Rollins Indian Springs CC
1969 Mrs. Harry W. Porter Wash Golf & CC
1968 Mrs. Harry J. Wald Indian Springs CC
1967 Mrs. A.A. Kopcsak Army Navy CC
1966 Mrs. Paul L. Dean Brook Manor
1965 Mrs. Howard R. Lady Washington Golf & CC
1964 Mrs. Philip Evans Chevy Chase Club
1963 Mrs. O.D. Yarborugh CC of Fairfax
1962 Mrs. DOnald W. Sherman Army Navy CC
1961 Mrs. John R. Kullman Army Navy CC
1960 Mrs. Erwin Ritz Indian Springs CC
1959 Mrs. Donald I. Thomas Army Navy CC
1958 Mrs. Wilson E. Howard Argyle CC
1957 Mrs. T.V. Wilder Manor CC
1956 Mrs. R.W. Williams Kenwood CC
1955 Mrs. Charles C. Collins Congressional CC
1954 Mrs. R.W. Williams Kenwood CC
1953 Mrs. John T. Kaigler Army Navy CC
1952 Mrs. Irving H. Rosen Indian Springs CC
1951 Mrs. J.R. Hoizapple Army Navy CC
1950 Mrs. Joseph H. Kerr, Jr. Kenwood CC
1949 Mrs. Debutts Saunders Belle Haven CC
1948 Mrs. Bradley H. Burrows Manor CC
1947 Mrs. E.S. Hartshorn, Jr. Columbia CC
1946 Mrs. E.R. Ferguson, Jr. Kenwood CC
1945 Mrs. Paul E. Barefoot Washington Golf & CC
1944 Mrs. Harry A. Carragher Washington Golf & CC
1943 Mrs. William E. Foley Kenwood CC
1942 Mrs. G.B. Hartman Prince Georges CC
1941 Mrs. F.H. Kramer Manor CC
1940 Mrs. H.E. Davies