Houlahan Cup

About The Sponsor

Lorraine Houlahan, a Past President of the WDCGA (2003-2004), believed the WDCGA should sponsor a companion event to the Keefer Cup. Long an advocate of competitive golf among women, Lorraine specified that her Cup be flighted, and that prizes and the overall trophy be awarded for the lowest gross scores. Now a resident of Florida, Lorraine has served on USGA committees, is currently involved in the South-West Women’s Tri-County Golf Association and remains an active participant in WDCGA events. The Houlahan Cup is played annually at Mt. Vernon Country Club, Lorraine’s local course.

Already Registered

Dottie Bennett
Mary Blair
Laurie Bravo
Sheila Brennan
Anne Brightling
Andri (Andi) Carpenter
Betsy Carter
Carolyn Clewell
Margaret Ann Connors
Helen Cox
Mary Ann Cronin
Patti Davidson
Dianne Der Bogosian
Lori Farro
Susan Fisher
Hilary Fordwich
Tina Gwilliam
Kyunghoon Ha
Holly Herman
Lorraine Hixon
Marilee Johnson
Pat Kaufman
Sun cha Kim
Kyung Suk Kim
Sung Kim
Jessica Lahr
Susie Lee
Karen Marcotte
Kate Martins
Karen Mcgee
Catharine McNally
Carol Mills
Pam Oetgen
Nancy Sack
Jar Soon Song
Laurie Stein
Jane Tuck
Mira Yun
June Yun

Past Winners

Year Winner Club
2018 Sung Kim Montgomery Country Club
2017 Karen McGee CC of Fairfax
2016 Jessica Lahr Mt. Vernon CC
2015 Chea Luff Army Navy CC
2014 Angie Yoo Montgomery CC
2013 Marion Phelan River Bend G & CC
2012 Lucy Chun Trump National GC
2011 Chea Luff Army Navy CC
2010 Suki Button Springfield G & CC
2009 Suki Button Springfield G  &  CC
2008 Trish Christian Washington G & CC
2007 Dory Beltson Army Navy CC
2006 Sharon Wilson Lowes Island Club
2005 Jung Ae Chung Army Navy CC