President’s Plate

About The Sponsor

The President’s Plate is an invitation only tournament, meant to be an annual thank you to the many WDCGA volunteers. Invitations are at the discretion of the WDCGA President, and include the Executive Board, Committee Chairs, Past Presidents, and those who have been of special assistance to the organization. The President decides the format, makes the pairings, chooses the prizes, and otherwise puts her own stamp on this yearly event.

Past Winners

Year Winner Club
2020 Jane Curtin Argyle CC
2019 Kate Martins Army Navy CC
2018 Jung Kyung Kim Montgomery CC
2017 Marion Phelan River Bend G&CC
2016 Laurie Bravo National Golf Club at Tantallon
2015 Dottie Bennett International CC
2014 Carol Cohen Woodmont CC
2013 Lorraine Hixon Army Navy CC
2012 Annie Ballantine International CC
2011 Diane Herndon Argyle CC
2010 Nancy Graves Army Navy CC
2009 Pam Oetgen Belle Haven CC
2008 Lisa Schlesinger Norbeck CC
Linda Hoffman CC at Woodmore
Lorraine Hixon Army Navy CC
Nancy Graves Army Navy CC
2007 Dana Peterson Kenwood CC
2006 Parmie Battin Westwood CC
2005 Cancelled due to inclement weather
2004 Lynda Kay Lowes Island Club
2003 Dinah Abelman Woodmont CC
2002 Dinah Abelman Woodmont CC
2001 Joanne Domson Belle Haven CC
2000 Henriette De Bruyn Kops Bretton Woods GC
1999 Linda Tucker Westwood CC
1998 Joy Koerber Norbeck CC
1997 Lorraine Houllahan Mt. Vernon CC
1996 Mrs. E.F.H. Dutton Kenwood CC
1996 Paula Brenneman Columbia CC
1995 Betty Cardon Army Navy CC
1994 Pat Kaufman Tantallon CC
1993 Ruth Ann Verell Belle Haven CC
1992 Hermie Touse Brooke Manor CC
1991 Lillian Jew Norbeck CC
1990 Mickey Kriner Columbia CC
1989 Joan Coffman Wash Golf & CC
1988 Mrs. John Frederick Bethesda CC
1987 Sharon L. Briggs Mont. Village CC
Dottie Dobbins River Bend CC
Sally Fineran Army Navy CC
Carolyn Willis Columbia CC
1986 Marlene Frazier Montgomery CC
1985 Mrs. David Climer Westwood CC
1984 Mrs. Robert E.L. Eaton, Jr. Columbia CC
1983 Mrs. R.E. Ledbetter Lakewood CC
1982 Mrs. Donald M. Packer Belle Haven CC
1981 Mrs. Wayne English
1980 Mrs. Carmen Oelsner Bretton Woods CC
1979 Mrs. William L. Gates Columbia CC
1978 Mrs. Ben Frauwirth Indian Spring CC
1977 Ms. James J. Leder, Jr. Congressional CC
1976 Mrs. John J. Klocko
1975 Mrs. Earnest Graves Army Navy CC
1974 Mrs. E.O. Skidmore Army Navy CC
1973 Mrs. George H. Foster
1972 Mrs. Scott Heuer, Jr. Congressional CC
1971 Mrs. G.M. Emmerich Belle Haven CC
1970 Ms. Vincent Madden Bethesda CC
1969 Mrs. R.L. Hoddinott Bethesda CC
1968 Mrs. William P. Pye Manor CC
1967 Mrs. Frank E. Cush Argyle CC
1965 Mrs. Paul H. Streit Chevy Chase CC
1964 Mrs. G. Monte Emmerich Belle Haven CC
1963 Barbara Richards
1962 Mrs. William T. Reed
1961 Mrs. William K. Hodges
1960 Mrs. Frank T. Griffith Army Navy CC
1959 Mrs. Paul H. Streit Chevy Chase CC
1958 Mrs. Michael J. Torlinski Army Navy CC
1957 Betty Garber Argyle CC
1956 Mrs. A. Payne Braden Manor CC
1955 Mrs. Frank E. Cush Argyle CC
1954 Mrs. Charles A. Thomason Argyle CC
1953 Betty Garber Argyle CC
1952 Mrs. Betty Meckley Kenwood CC