The Verell Past President’s Cup

About The Sponsor

Conceived by WDCGA Past President (1979-1980) Ruth Ann Verell to give back to the WDCGA and honor its tradition of strong presidents dating back to1924, the Verell Past President’s Cup introduced an innovative format with its inception in 2007. Played somewhat like the Ryder Cup, the tournament challenges its two-person teams with six holes each of Four-Ball Stroke Play, Alternate Shot, and Scramble.

Ruth Ann gives back to golf in many venues. She generously donates her time and talent to the WDCGA, where she was recognized with the first Sharon Briggs Award for Distinguished Service in 2002. She is a Past President of the Southwest Women’s TriCounty golf Association, and was a long-serving member of the US Women’s Mid-Amateur Committee.

Already Registered

Pamela Brown
Young W Choi

Kate Martins
Lorraine Hixon

Karen Talbert
Nancy Milloy

Freda Chase
Jen Moersen

Jing Ping Yang
Caroline Kahn

Angie Seecharan
Hyun Oh

Christine Bates
Allisyn Terry

Arline Hoffman
Deborah Klein

Beth Ennis
Christine Bechtel

Novice Nelson
Patricia Ballard

Pamela Quinn
Susan Walthall

Beth Foster
Shara Fordyce

Maile Fries
Hawkins Amy

Lucy Mustin

Shawn McCullough
Diane Willkens

Katie Cox
Joan Gardner

Kathleen Lubin
Lucy Chun

Maggie Brady
Bev Lane

Candy Clary
Tina Gwilliam

Kerry Hoagland
Michele Angel

Mona Wexler
Melinda Bernstein

Carol Myers
Jae Soon Song

Ann Ebberts
Lee Wampler

Andri (Andi) Carpenter
Margaret Ann Connors

Judi Enright
Shelley Savage

Iris Sullivan
Charlene Foley

Carol Mills
Marie Anderson

Courtney Sherman
Tara King

Pam Murray
Lynn Fuechsel

Nancy Duncan
Linda DiVall

Patty Gill
Laurie Bravo

Colleen Kohler
Son Hee Phillips

Patti Davidson
Julie Rakes

Sung Kim
Susie Lee

Mary Ann Cronin
Jane Sullivan

Maria Kirby
Christina Hui

Joan Flippin
Niki Bennett

Mary Blair
Marilee Johnson

Kerry O'Hare
Dianne DerBogosian

Karen McGee
Laurie Stein

Mary Peskin
Dana Ainge

Karen Marcotte

Pam Oetgen
Pat Kaufman

Linda Tucker
Jackie Lutz

Past Winners

Year Winners Club
2019 Gross Allisyn Terry, Christine Bates River Creek Club, River Creek ClubC
2018 Gross Mary Cabriele, Deborah Williams CC of Fairfax, Congressional CC
2017 Gross Lisa Schlesinger, Stef Herndon Norbeck CC, Argyle CC
2016 Gross Lisa Schlesinger, Stef Herndon Norbeck CC, Argyle CC
2015 Gross Lisa Schlesinger, Deb Pearson Norbeck CC
2014 Gross Joan Gardner, Kim Franks Mount Vernon CC
2013 Gross Mary Cabriele, Karen Fisher CC Fairfax, Norbeck
Net Dory Beltson, Elaine Tingle Army Navy CC
2012 Gross Diane Herndon, Stef Herndon Argyle CC
Net Theresa Shingler, Kaye Mopsik Kenwood CC
2011 Gross Diane Garstka, Jackie Lutz Springfield CC, Westwood CC
Net Jane Fung, Lucy Chun Trump National
2010 Gross Shelley Savage, Debbie Simpson Army Navy CC, Mount Vernon
Net Linda DiVall, Nancy Duncan Mount Vernon, Belle Haven
2009 Gross Katie Cox, Joan Gardner Mt. Vernon
Net Meg Giusti, Becky Wedemeyer Montgomery CC
2008 Gross Lisa Schlesinger, Deb Pearson Norbeck CC
Net Vicki Huggins, Teena Lee Montgomery CC
2007 Gross Lisa Schlesinger, Deb Pearson Norbeck CC
Net Linda DiVall, Nancy Duncan Mt. Vernon CC, Belle Haven CC