Tony Marlowe

About The Sponsor

Sponsored by Marion Lewis, long-time member of Woodmont Country Club, the Tony Marlowe tournament is an extremely popular staple of the WDCGA golf season. Its roots are firmly planted at Woodmont. It is played there every year, and is named for Tony Marlowe, who was the Golf Professional at Woodmont for thirty-five years.

Marion and her husband Irv, now deceased, wanted to sponsor a WDCGA tournament and chose to honor their very well respected head pro, rather than to name the tournament for themselves. A sponsor for forty years, Marion’s personal touch is evident at the Marlowe each year. She donates one of the winner’s prizes, and attends the event, where she assists at the scoring table and prize presentation. Marion remains an active golfer and member of the WDCGA, and her many years of generosity are much appreciated.

Already Registered

Shirley Kushner
Mona Wexler

Betty Broadwater
Jung(J.K) Kim

Lisa Schlesinger
Alllisyn Terry

Anne Doll
Lynne Shank

Dottie Bennett
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Seana Hilley

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Gail Siegel
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Maria Kirby
Arline Hoffman

Susan Fleming
Mitsuko Otani

Kyong Chang
Jeamsook Kim

Past Winners

Year Winners Club
AM net Angie Yoo MontgomeryCC
Sung Kim MontgomeryCCCC
AM gross Carol Davies Argyle CC
Lisa Splaine Argyle CC
PM net Jackie Lutz WestwoodCC
Diane Garstka Springfield G&CC
PM gross Kay Tyler Kenwood G&CC
Lauren Greenlief International CC
AM net Maggie Brady Congressional CC
Deb Klein Norbeck CC
AM gross Diane Herndon Argyle CC
Stefanie Herndon Argyle CC
PM net Terry Sturner Manor CC
Susan Incarnato Manor CC
PM gross Kay Tyler Kenwood G&CC
Mimi Hoffman Belle Haven CC
AM net Karen Talbert Congressional CC
Ginny Martin Congressional CC
AM gross Shelley Savage Army Navy CC
Judi Enright Army Navy CC
PM net Joan Flippin Belle Haven CC
Helen Cox Belle Haven CC
PM gross Lisa Schlesinger Norbeck CC
Deb Pearson Norbeck CC
AM net Nan Bender Woodmont CC
Nancy Epstien Woodmont CC
AM gross Deb Pearson Norbeck CC
Bev Lane Congressional CC
PM net Annie Ballentine International CC
Dottie Bennett International CC
PM gross Mimi Hoffman Belle Haven CC
Kay Tyler Kenwood CC
AM net Christy Gaitten Trump National
Lois Blush Trump National
AM gross Renee Lyles Trump National
Lynda Kay Trump National
PM net Pam Quinn Army Navy CC
Chea Luff Army Navy CC
PM gross Deborah Klein Norbeck CC
Mary Cabriele CC of Fairfax
AM net Cristy Rocks Congressional CC
Karen Talbert Congressional CC
AM gross Judi Enright Army Navy CC
Shelley Savage Army Navy CC
PM net Mary Ann Cronin Army Navy CC
Jane Sullivan Army Navy CC
PM gross Shelley Gaffin Argyle CC
Miki Gardner Argyle CC
AM net Mitsuko Otani Bretton Woods
Claire Cegarra Bretton Woods
AM gross Diane Herndon Argyle
Stef Herndon Argyle
PM net Annie Ballantine International
Dottie Bennett International
PM gross Deb Pearson Norbeck
Lisa Schlesinger Norbeck
AM net Barbara DiMaio Manor
Emily Korber Manor
AM gross Corrie Tayman Congressional
Stef Herndon Argyle
PM net Theresa Shingler Kenwood
Kaye Mopsik Kenwood
PM gross Katie Cox Mount Vernon
Joan Gardner Mount Vernon
AM net Kathy Olson Manor
Diane Garrett Manor
AM gross Corrie Tayman Congressional
Stef Herndon Argyle
PM net Novice Nelson Washington Golf
Pat Ballard Washington Golf
PM gross Deb Pearson Norbeck
Kay Tyler Kenwood
AM net Dottie Bennett International CC
Chi Wai Lee International CC
AM gross Joan Gardner Mt. Vernon CC
Katie Cox Mt. Vernon CC
PM net Clara Shin CC of Fairfax
Jeamsook Kim CC of Fairfax
PM gross Lisa Schlesinger Norbeck CC
Deb Pearson Norbeck CC
AM net Liz Corwin Lowes Island Club
Siriwan Gaulden Lowes Island Club
AM gross Allisyn Terry River Creek Club
Corrie Tayman Congressional CC
PM net Susan Antle Montgomery Village GC
Diane Carnvale Montgomery Village GC
PM gross Lisa Schlesinger Norbeck CC
Deb Pearson Norbeck CC
net Judy Poinsett Army Navy CC
Holly Richey Army Navy CC
gross Arline Hoffman Belle Haven CC
Diane Garstka Springfield CC
AM net Liz Corwin Lowes Island Club
Ann Flanagan Washington Golf & CC
AM gross Diane Herndon Argyle CC
Stefanie Herndon Argyle CC
PM net Chi Sum Han Indian Spring CC
Suezy Kim Norbeck CC
PM gross Vicki Huggins Montgomery CC
Laurene Kuhar Montgomery CC
net Joanne Domson Belle Haven CC
Ruth Ann Verell Belle Haven CC
net Robin Wertleib Woodmont CC
Anita Hoffman
net Son Hee Phillips Army Navy CC
Kyong Chang Springfield CC
net Linda DiVall Mt. Vernon CC
Nancy Duncan Belle Haven CC
net Sheila Albertson Springfield CC
Beth Frank Springfield CC
net Mina Park Lowes Island Club
Sonya Yoo Lowes Island Club
net Pat Alper-Cohn Woodmont CC
Terry Jacobson Woodmont CC
net Kim Overmiller Norbeck CC
Cecilia Biava Norbeck CC
net Deb Pearson Norbeck CC
Cynthia Wood Norbeck CC
net Alma Coombs CC of Fairfax
Alla Cline CC of Fairfax
net Rita Chadwick Montgomery Village GC
Lynda Bindseil Montgomery Village GC
net Pat Kaufman Port America
Sandy Tate Port America
net Cathi Bernhardt Army Navy CC
Elaine Tingle Army Navy CC
net Ja Ja Chung Avenel CC
Penny Holiday Avenel CC
net Diane Herndon Argyle CC
Carol Davies Argyle CC
net Nan Higginson Bretton Woods GC
Sue Kim Bretton Woods GC
net Toni Meadows Kenwood CC
Noreen Worth Kenwood CC