Tournament of Champions

We have decided to cancel the Tournament of Champions this year as many of our tournaments were cancelled.   We will be allowing winners of all our 2020 tournaments to be eligible to play in the TOC of 2021.

Tournament Results

Calomiris Church Cup winners: Janice Calomiris & Steve Church gross winners, Andi & Mace Carpenter net winners

Coffman Cup winner, Sung Kim.

York Flower Bowl winner, Anne Doll.

Pat Kaufman Cup winner, Laurie Stein.

See all the results on the results page.


Due to Covid 19, all tournaments are limited to the number of carts available at the hosting club.  There will be potential draw outs if oversubscribed.  Current volunteers are exempt for draw outs unless additional draw outs are needed.

Tony Marlowe New Date Scheduled

The new date for the Tony Marlowe will be October 12th.

We have remove all previous registrations from the website and ask that if you are able to play, that you re-register your team. Your original payment via PayPal or check will stay in place.
If you are unable to play on the new date, please notify the WDCGA Treasurer, Helen, and she will refund your payment.

World Handicap System

On January 1 the World Handicapping System (WHS) will go into effect.  On January 6th, all WDCGA members will be issued a new WHS index.  Read more about the WHS:

WDCGA fall presentation (PDF)

USGA website