WDCGA Championship


The WDCGA Championship was held at Cattail Creek Country Club. Most of the qualifying round was held in rain but the players prevailed. Congratulations to our 2017 winner Alex Austin of Springfield Country Club who defeated Clare Connolly from Chevy Chase 3&2.  All of the brackets and flight winners are on the Results page.  Next years Championship will be held at Argyle Country Club on August 6-9.

Recent Winners

Stef Herndon winner of the Grace Lady Cup.

Helen Cox winner of the Evening Star Cup.

Louisa Visconti winner of the Margaret Russo Cup.

Jae Soon Song winner of the Sam Hall Cup.

Congratulations to the WDCGA team who defeated Baltimore 10-8!

Lisa Schlesinger and Stefanie Herndon, winners of the Verell Past Presidents Cup.

See all the results on the results page.

Calomiris Church Cup

We anticipate this tournament being oversubscribed.  As a reminder, here our the WDCGA policies for oversubscribed tournaments.

Procedures for over oversubscribed tournaments:
If the number of entries (or teams) exceeds the capacity of the golf course, the tournament will be defined as oversubscribed. The tournament chair and committee will exercise the procedures and requirements as outlined in the WDCGA Schedule Book (page 81). See below. Players (or teams) will be notified of their status shortly after the entry deadline.

Oversubscribed Tournaments
If a Tournament is oversubscribed, eligibility is determined by blind draw, subject to the following guidelines:

  • The defending winner (when a team, must be the same team members), when eligible to compete, shall not be drawn out.
  • WDCGA volunteers, listed in the Committee section of this Handbook, shall not be drawn out.
  • Eligible members of the host club (handicap indexes 21.9 and below), shall not be drawn out.
  • WDCGA Past Presidents shall not be drawn out.
  • All other players with indexes higher than 21.9 shall be drawn out first, including partner events.
  • Note: No entrant whose handicap index is 21.9 and below shall be drawn out of more than one WDCGA tournament in any one year, and shall not be drawn out of the same tournament the following year if possible. An entrant moved from one shotgun or session to another to balance out the field is not considered drawn out.

Pace of Play Initiative

After a WDCGA successful year of Setting the Pace Together, your Pace of Play Committee is officially introducing the WDCGA Pace of Play “penalty phase”. Please refer to the resource page regarding this new initiative.

New Feature for 2017

We have added the ability to login to our website. This will save you time when you register for our tournaments this year.  If you did not receive instructions on how to setup your account, please email wdcgagolf@gmail.com and we will get you setup.  We look forward to your comments!