USGA Rules Changes for 2023

The rules of golf will be changing January 1st 2023.  This graphic takes a look at five of the key changes in the 2023 Rules that you should be aware of.

2023 Tournament Schedule

We are working on our 2023 tournament schedule.  We will post updates to this PDF of the 2023 Tournament schedule as they become available.  Revised 11/22/22.

100th Anniversary Celebration

Save the Date for April 20, 2024.  We will celebrate our 100th anniversary with an evening event at the Chevy Chase Club, one of our founding clubs.   We are so  fortunate to have such a vibrant history.  We need to form a committee.  If you love to plan events, enjoy photo editing or are enthusiastic to be a part of the planning please contact Jane C.

Scoring Reminders

We will be using the Golf Genius App for all our tournaments this year.   If  you are not familiar with the Golf Genius App, please view this short tutorial.

WDCGA will be posting your score after every tournament where you play your own ball (except in the championship match play matches).

Rule Reminder

We will continue to use Model Local Rule E-5.  Select the image to enlarge.

Ball out of Bounds
Ball not found
Ball not found or Out of Bounds close to green