Recent Results


Judi Enright, winner of the Tournament of Champions which included a 2 hole playoff.  Congratulations to all our winners this year!

Congratulations to Shelley Savage, WDCGA Senior Champion.  This is the 4th time Shelley has won the Senior. The second round was delayed due to fog as shown in the photo.  The tournament was held at Bretton Woods Golf Club.

Laurie Bravo, winner of the President’ plate.


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See this years photos in our Photo Gallery!  The Photos page is located under the About menu.

WDCGA – Setting the Pace Together

The WDCGA is committed to making “Pace” a priority.  Our “Setting the Pace Together” initiative is a common sense approach to improve pace of play.

Tips to Speed up PlayPace of Play Logo

Be Prepared

  • Plan your shot before you get to your ball
  • Be ready to play when it is your turn

Be Efficient

  • Keep your pre-shot routine short
  • Aim to play in 20 seconds

Close the Gap

  • Keep up with the group in front of you

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