2018 Scrapbook

Our 2018 Scrapbook is now available on the Scrapbook page.  Special thanks to Char Foley of Army Navy Country Club for putting these great memories together for us for the past several years!

2019 Teams and Tournament Schedules Are Now Available

The 2019 Teams Schedule is now available.  Please view the teams schedule in this PDF.  The teams pages will be updated over the winter.  Our 2019 tournament schedule is also available.  Not all dates are determined but will be soon.   Looking forward to less rain in 2019!

Fall Luncheon

We had a tough year due to mother nature and she did not let up during our annual fall luncheon.  Despite the area being blanketed by snow on November 15th, we held our annual fall luncheon at Argyle Country Club.  We are a strong group of women indeed!  Our teams meeting was held followed by our Executive Board Meeting.  Look for a few changes to Teams next year that will include one less match per division (6 teams vs 7 teams) and a later start in April.  We hope this will help bring us better weather for 2019!   Ask your team representative for more details.

Our guest speaker was Joe Sprague, Director, USGA Regional Affairs Northeast Region.  He highlighted some of the rules which will change in 2019.  Attendees also received a copy of the Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf.   The players addition now includes easier to understand language as well as infographics – a much improved rule book.  Apps are also available for your smart phone, free of charge.  You can review them on the USGA Website.  A one page flyer of the 5 most significant changes is also available.

We look forward to better weather and some great competition for the 2019 season.  Our tentative schedule is available as a PDF.  More details will be posted throughout the winter.  We also have photos available for 2018.  A one page summary of our 2018 Winners is also available.

Board & Past Presidents
Board & Past Presidents