Alice Moore, former WDCGA Historian

Alice Moore

It is with great sadness that Alice Moore, a long-time member of the WDCGA, former Historian, and member of The Country Club at Woodmore, passed away August 17th. She made many contributions to the WDCGA over the years. She will be missed by her WDCGA friends. An evening of remembrance will at at the Country Club of Woodmore on Friday, September 9th at 6 pm with thoughts shared by friends and family. 

Pairings for the August Cups

Pairings for the York Flower Bowl.

Pairings for the Pat Kaufman Cup.

Tony Marlowe

Winners of the Tony Marlowe: Deb Klein of Norbeck & Maggie Brady of Congressional (AM), Terry Sturner of Manor & Susan Incarnato of Manor (PM).  Thanks to all that participated in this popular WDCGA event.

WDCGA Championship

Congratulations to Clare Connolly, WDCGA Champion!  See all the bracket winners on the results page.

Verell Past President’s Cup

Lisa Schlesinger of Norbeck CC and Stef Herndon of Argyle CC fired a 64 to win the Verell Past President’s Cup at Belle Haven.  See all the winners!

WDCGA – Setting the Pace Together

The WDCGA is committed to making “Pace” a priority.  Our “Setting the Pace Together” initiative is a common sense approach to improve pace of play.

Tips to Speed up PlayPace of Play Logo

Be Prepared

  • Plan your shot before you get to your ball
  • Be ready to play when it is your turn

Be Efficient

  • Keep your pre-shot routine short
  • Aim to play in 20 seconds

Close the Gap

  • Keep up with the group in front of you

Read more about the Pace!