Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Being a Member Club

By joining the WDCGA, a club becomes a member and supporter of a prestigious women’s golf association that has been active since 1924. Club membership entitles the club’s individual women members to play at the 28 private member clubs in the spring teams matches and 24 tournaments during the season.

The club dues — along with individual member dues — fund WDCGA’s costs, including website maintenance, publication costs, and the WDCGA subsidized tournaments. The subsidized tournaments are the two Championships, the monthly Cups, the President’s Plate, the Intercity Cup with Baltimore, and the Tournament of Champions.

The pro shops of the clubs that host tournaments reap the benefits of the prize money that is paid out as pro shop credit at the host club. Additionally, prize money to the winning teams in spring teams matches is paid out as pro shop credit at each winning team’s home club. Hosting clubs may reap additional revenue from food and beverage service during WDCGA events.

Benefits of Being an Individual Member

You are a member of a prestigious women’s golf association that has been active since 1924. You will meet and play golf with hundreds of other local women who are as passionate about golf as you are. You will have the opportunity to play for your club in the Spring Teams Matches (interclub competition).

You are entitled to play in 22 Tournaments and 2 Championships throughout the season. These tournaments have various formats, and most are subsidized by the WDCGA, only 8 require an entry fee, yet many prizes are awarded in these tournaments. Members do not pay a green fee when playing in Teams matches or District tournaments.

Last but not least, you have a chance to become actively involved as a volunteer and contribute to making the WDCGA even more special.