Individual Membership Application Form, to be completed by your District Representative. Send completed form, proof of twenty scores and membership fee ($60, payable to WDCGA) to WDCGA Treasurer, Jenny Kitchen, 8532 Potomac School Terrace,
Potomac, MD 208548814.

For information about club membership as well as our bylaws, see our Constitution and Bylaws.

Membership Eligibility Requirements

Regular Members

A woman golfer who:

  • Is at least 18 years of age.
  • Is a member in good standing of a WDCGA member club.
  • Belongs to a recognized women’s golf association at that club.
  • Has a handicap index within the specified WDCGA limits.
  • Has at least 20 scores (active season) posted in the preceding 12 months.

Associate Members

  • Is a former member of the WDCGA who rejoins and whose Handicap is no longer within the specified WDCGA iimits for participation.
  • Meets the same criteria as a Regular Member but whose handicap is no longer within the specified WDCGA limits for participation.
  • Reverts to regular member status if her handicap meets the specified WDCGA limits.

Honorary Members

  • All past presidents of the WDCGA
  • Members specially designated by the Executive Committee on an individual basis.
  • No other requirements.